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How to Set up Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook Express®, or Similar Email Client

FIRST:  Launch your email program

  • If this is your first account, the Setup Wizard should open automatically.
  • If you have an account, click “Account Settings” from the Tools menu in your email program, then click the “Add (New)” button.

SECOND:  Follow the Setup Wizard, entering all the information from the email we sent you:

Your Account Info (example)
USERNAME:   (use the complete email address)
PASSWORD:  the password we sent you (it is case sensitive)
NAME:  your name (what others see in the “From” field when you send an email)

Your Mail Servers (example)
INCOMING: (or .net, .org, depending on the domain)
OUTGOING: (or .net, .org, depending on the domain) [ see notes ]


  1. If you are using “” as the outgoing mail server, you must check the “My outgoing server requires authentication” box in the Advanced Settings area. Caution: There are two boxes with similar text – be sure to check the one with the exact wording in quotes.
  2. If you prefer, or if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) requires it, you can use your ISP’s outgoing mail server (e.g., Be sure to look up the proper settings required by your ISP.
  3. We do not have access to your password (we respect your privacy) so please don’t forget it.



How to Check Your Email Using Webmail

All Maxcreative email accounts come with FREE Webmail, a service which allows you to check your email on the go, from any computer with a browser and an active internet connection.

Your Webmail URL (example) (or .net, .org, depending on your domain)


  1. Your login info is the same (except Username – you only have to enter the part before the @ (the domain info is already on the login page).
  2. All email accounts come with Webmail, so if you have multiple addresses, you can check them using the applicable login info.
  3. There is a link just below the login area on the Webmail login page for changing account settings, including your password.